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I tried Pubic Hair Oil for a week, here’s what happened.

As awful as it might sound, it really does work! I also started using it on damp hair (my head this time) right after washing, & it was really miraculous. All the frizziness and dryness disappears into thin air giving the perfect non-oily yet shiny finish. It smells, feels & looks great. Not to forget the luxurious design of the bottle, with added benefits of a perfect bedside table decor.

“In the Vogue office we found ourselves asking why nobody had thought of this sooner”



Massage on a few drops of the oil into your pubic hair and the skin around it. Quit your regular lotion for a few days to keep it hydrated down there. The skin and hair feels a lot softer, no razor burns or ingrowns, after just a week’s use of regular application.

Discover more here!

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