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I want it so bad, bag that is.

While some might be charmed by an accidental meeting on a plane with an Hermès executive, which might result into the origin of the Birkin, the most coveted bag in the world, there are others willing to be on waiting lists of up to months and even years.

But when impatience calls, that percentage of the fashion crazed (such as yours truly) might be on the verge of relocating to the streets of Montenapoleone with a placard that reads “Need money for Chanel.” But I guess we have time, it’s not 2.55 yet! Oh! What a bag can make one do! Yes bag, not man.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.10.54 AM.png

The Chouchou turned into “Lady Dior”, when Princess Diana fell in love with the bag on a trip to Paris. Only if someone was keeping note of all the things I fell in love with that’s when I’m speaking of men.

And enough of taunting boyfriends/husbands/ fathers with the “You buy one handbag, put all your stuff in.” Then what about the evening clutch, the crossbody, the backpack, and most importantly the oversized preferably “YSL Sac du Jour” (meaning bag of the day ..more like bag of my “bae” as it must carry more of their taunts than our belongings? My most sincere apologies for rekindling that cliché of a term.

But when Audrey Hepburn got tired of Keepalls, she requested a smaller version for daily use. They said it was going to be a “Speedy” process and was it not?

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.22.29 AM
Audrey Hepburn, 1965

Well, Audrey, I order a shorter version of a baguette (..what did you think?) from Silvia Fendi after gaining those extra calories. We’ll get there..

All we need is a Mr. Big or even a Mr. not so big as long as they build a closet to fulfill our voracious appetite. Although that sounds far- fetched, the least we can do is take a moment of silence to appreciate the seldom sight of Kanye West smiling? You see what a bag can do? All it took was a Louis Vuitton backpack.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.04.49 AM

Next time you want to snap up a new crossbody like the YSL sunset bag, the only It, that has my heart, REMEMBER: You’re investing in history ..and my friendship (I’m Kidding. No, I’m not).

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