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Truffle or Diamonds Of Gastronomy? You decide.

Location: Tartufi & Friends, Milano

Tigh in demand, elusive to find and nurture. No, I’m not talking about a good man/woman. However, one might be more familiar with desert truffles, the chocolate treat, delicately sprinkled on your annual birthday cake, true Truffles are an aphrodisiac (in some way), a rare delight with a marvellous odour.

A Sunday afternoon in Milan, a very instagrammable setting (you know me haha) Tartufi & Friends features a botanical yet modern & minimal design & offers a remarkable service. Five points for that! The signature tagliatelle (fresh handmade pasta) with black truffle shavings, melted in my mouth before I could even close it. (Okay, sorry I’m a slow eater)

BUT, the most memorable part was the freshly baked bread served alongside that was still hot from the oven. Hands-down the best bread I have tried in Milan. No Jokes. So a plus point for that! A blow-me-away menu, from appetisers to desert, it is worth every penny spent.


Click here to make reservations.

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