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STOP! Before you say, “Navigli”? Who even goes there anymore”

Location: Navigli Darsena, Milan

Around the hustle bustle of Milan, you will probably find Daleeda Soomar sipping Moscow Mule(s) at Ceresio 7. Thank you Dean & Dan for permanently securing your place in my Saturday evenings.


To break the monotony that Daleeda very much prefers, she spent her day on the cobbled streets (sorry passerby for the stomping echoes of my boots, Once my father said to me, OH MY GOODNESS Daleeda they make a lot of noise, everyone is looking, and well I said, they should, everyone should know I am coming.

Anyway.. if you’re looking for some peace and quiet head to the less travelled roads of Navigli Darsena and enjoy an aperitif with your friends, lover or even by yourself. The sound of river flowing and traditional tram passing, perfectly embodies the Milanese spirit.

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